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P-D FibreGlass
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P-D FibreGlass Group - Customized Solutions -
Customized solutions - that is what P-D FibreGlass Group stands for. Our production sites in Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Latvia and Russia look back onto more than 50 years of experience in fibreglass production and processing.With a product range from all kind of yarns, rovings, chopped strands and chopped strand mats to finished composite fabrics and Multiaxials our Group offers the widest portfolio of fiberglass products.In close co-operation with our customers we develop customized product solutions according to customer demand and ready to use. The use of P-D FibreGlass yarns and rovings for the production of further processed products allows us to reach a whole new quality level which can be guaranteed by an integrated quality control from raw material to finished product.In addition to the customized product solutions, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio, containing more than 1.000 standardized products, all with the known P-D FibreGlass Quality standard.

Detailed information about our whole product range on:

Woven Scrims

  • single end roving
  • multi-end roving
  • multi-end roving
  • complex reinforcements
  • textile glass mats
  • woven glass fabrics
  • woven scrims
  • chopped glass fibre
  • fibre glass composites

  • Alpha products:
  • fibre glass reinforcement with release coating
    (ATEX membranes)
  • polyurethane and neoprene coating
  • fibre glass laminations with aluminium foil and metalised polyester film
    film laminates

Field of application (selection)

  • shipbuilding and vehicle construction
  • multiaxial fabrics for the construction of rotor blades for wind energy converters
  • fibre glass fabrics for the production of prepregs for rotor blades
  • reinforcing material for components
  • aerospace technology
  • in the electrical industry as base material for printed circuits and insulating laminate
  • electrical insulation materials
  • applications in the lightweight construction
  • production of sports equipment (ski and snowboard)
  • container construction for chemicals and food
  • pipeline construction
  • renovation of sewers
  • reinforcement of thermoplasts
  • components with supporting and insulating characteristics
  • products for the preservation of structures for the armouring of building plaster and external thermal insulation systems
  • wetting agent for soaking fibre glass reinforcement in synthetic resin
  • wall covering, furnishing fabrics (flamline) and louver linds

P-D Interglas Technologies GmbH
Erbach, Germany
Valmiera UK Sherborne
Sherborne, England
P-D Aircraft Interieur GmbH
Bitterfeld, Deutschland

P-D Glasseiden GmbH
Oschatz, Deutschland
Valmiera Glasfaser AG
Valmiera, Lettland
Valmiera Ltd.
Sherborne, UK
P-D Tatneft Fiberglas Alabuga

P-D Glasfaser Brattendorf ( P-D Industriegesellschaft mbH)
Brattendorf, Deutschland
P-D FibreGlass AB
Helsingborg, Schweden

P-D Industriegesellschaft mbH
Division Prepreg – Laminate
Bitterfeld, Deutschland
P-D Industriegesellschaft mbH
Division Prepreg – Laminate
Wipperfürth, Deutschland
P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz
Betriebsstätte Ilmenauer Glasmaschinenbau
Oschatz, Deutschland

Multiaxial fabrics
Reinforcing material, aids for soaking and pull-off foil for the construction of rotor blades

Project airport Bangkok

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